* JPEG’s (static images/pictures) of industry standard content (credit scores, credit education, inspirational quotes, generalized company information and credit tips. etc.) Each JPEG is tagged with your company name & logo if applicable and if submitted in PNG (transparent background). Total: 20 $150(Most of the social media content is semi-customizable – meaning it is a template – but what is editable is company name and logo. This offers ease and ensures delivery is expeditious to the client. The great news is – we/I do all the customizing for you.)

In most cases the customization is at a 48-hour turn-around – in some instances it will be 24 hours.


* Presentation of credit repair services, 2 promotional digital flier(s), bio (with pic) word total 125,1 custom digital affiliate marketing fliers in 5×7 dimensions & a three-page Information Guide. Affiliate material is for 3 vertical markets – insurance, real estate & auto dealerships. (5 slide video is available) $300


* Presentation (How to Raise Your Credit Score), 3 digital marketing JPEG’s that can be printed and added to ALL social media platforms, three-page hand-out, follow up survey and sign-up sheet. Presentation & hand-out will have bio – so picture will be needed. $200


* Bio’s with pic, 6 custom digital/JPEGS (that can be printed) that speaks to mission statement, company product offerings, tag-lines, website, follow-us on social media etc. & a 3 slide video w/music. $195


* Branding consult call and a complete brand strategy that includes customized material & content calendar. Branding Call only: $20

  •  Testimonial templates that are aesthetically attractive (client can add updates, deletions, etc.) 3 for $40
  •  Monthly or bi-weekly completely custom testimonials – client submits 3 testimonials and we/I modify/format them and submit them in 72 hours. $75
  •  Bio w/picture (without package) $50 (125 words max)
  •  Custom Facebook covers $25
  •  Company marketing (5 count digital JPEGS/that can be printed) that speaks to hours, mission statements, product offerings, etc. $100
  •  Vertical Market Content – custom digital fliers for real estate, insurance &  auto dealerships. $100
  •  5 slide business video $115
  •  Special event digital filer -$30
  •  Services offered flier – Credit Builder, Self-lender, etc. $30
  •  Congratulations, birthday digital fliers, etc. $30
  •  Credit Tip Videos $50
  •  Business Fliers $30