• 20 Graphics
  • Customized Content (includes branding with your color scheme & logo)
  • Testimonials
  • Inspirational Content
  • Marketing for your services
  • Monthly Brand Sessions
  • Video  - 30 seconds
  • Branded Custom Blank Template



  • 12 Graphics (+1 Bonus)
  • Customized Content (includes branding with your color scheme & logo)
  • Testimonials
  • Inspirational Content
  • Marketing for your services
  • Monthly Brand Sessions



  • Brand Touch is half mini newsletter and half email that equals total automation
  • Engaging Content: Picture hands-free customized content being sent to your business and reflective of your business narrative
  • Nurture with Value: Nurture your clients and sales leads with content that is beyond credit tips – and is engaging and of value to your audience.
  • Brand Touch is a 2 for 1 – two separate campaigns – one sales leads and the other clients at one affordable price
  • It is a 90 day campaign that is focused around the sales cycle
  • It is loaded on our preferred vendor Active Campaign for you
  • *it can include video – ask us how
  • *Need Zapier assistance? We have a source…



  • 5 slide video
  • Content created by The Credit Supply
  • 59 second in length



  • Brand Premium Membership for (2) month
  • Brand Touch Automation Package
  • 5 slide video




Still have questions?


Brand in the Box



If you are in need of a Brand Makeover – starting your brand from square one – we have an affordable way to get your marketing content basics – all the way together…

We call this Brand in A Box…

A month of Brand Premium

(1) Printable flier

(2) Digital fliers

(1) 30 Second Marketing Video

Business Card Design

We also commission a logo for you if you need one…

Linked In Package



The LinkedIn content package will help you target clients and engage with personalized outreach.
The package includes:

(4) articles (white labeled/you are the author)

(4) marketing videos (no more than 30 seconds)

(4) niche videos (reflective of your industry/no more than 30 seconds)

(10) Outreach emails to be sent via messenger or email

(1) Strategy “How-to’s”




Owning YOUR Authentic: The Power of Content Story Telling and Real-Life Application: Tips | Practices & Stories for Entrepreneurs

As the internet continues to get stuffed full of content, brands need to work harder than ever to break through the clutter and connect with people online. Owning Your Authentic will help humanize your brand and help the reader to be seen among the clutter.

Tax Season



Tax season for may tax professionals is hectic and a lot of times profitable…

The perfect way to make the season less hectic and more profitable is to have pre-made, yet custom content that can be shared via social media, emails and in printable format. We create captivating content for you – all we need is your logo, pictures of you and your contact information.

(20) Gifs, Videos and digital fliers

Content is comprised of marketing content, tax tips, tax humor and tax information.

Affiliate Nurturing Campaign



YOU: “I have happily and successfully garnered multiple affiliates.”

You are extremely excited! And – you should be – it is an admirable accomplishment and a perfect way to grow your business.

Question: How do you nurture them?

This Affiliate Nurturing Campaign can allow you to speak to your affiliates/partners and keep them engaged into your partnership.

Power Point



There are often times when you need a good PowerPoint presentation – for presentations, seminars or webinars or maybe you need your company’s story in a presentable format. Whatever your need – we will create a 15-slide presentation for you… If you need more than 15 slides – we can also help, as we are always here to help with an affordable solution.